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One Gigantic BOP Mama-Jama

This is fairly typical 20,000 PSI sub-sea BOP stack, probably 18 3/4" (for 17 1/2" drill bits), for modern deep-water oil and gas wells being drilled all over the world these days. Its about 60-65 feet high, at least. It will close on anything; drill collars, tool joints, casing, squid; you name it. Its got shear rams in it that would keep you awake at night in terror.

For comparison sake, here is an old Cameron 900 Series single ram BOP under a rig floor with a bell nipple on it. It's designed to only close around drill pipe. On a good day it might be good for about 2,000 PSI... maybe. Its about four feet high. Its got a hydraulic closing line hooked up to it but the wheel leaning up against the wooden leg bracing is to close the BOP manually, if need be.

Don't laugh, I used a BOP like this right up until about 10 years ago. A new worm on the drilling rig that had these BOPS asked one time what the wheel was for. I told him. He looked at me sort of like I was crazy and asked if he was expected to get up under the floor and turn that wheel with "all that mud and shit blowing everywhere." I said not to worry, I'd go in with him.

He said I'd be going by myself cause he'd be hauling ass for the highway.

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