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Cartoon Of the Week

POTUS went begging OPEC to raise its production, and lower gasoline prices, to buy votes in November's mid terms. But gasoline prices have not come down much and November is not long off. To make matters worse, as of 12 September OPEC seems to have abandoned production increases and the price of oil is up to nearly $71 a barrel with gasoline right behind it.

What's a fella to do? Imposing sanctions and tariffs on everybody in the world is making the price of oil go up, as though that's a great 'mystery.' Howzbout asking the US shale oil industry to step up and "dominate" gasoline prices right here in the US? But the shale oil industry is going wide open right now and can't move its product to refiners, who don't want the stuff anyway. So, shit ...what's plan B?

Plan B involves mo' money. Plan B is to stop the FOMC in its tracks with this dumb idea of raising interest rates, that's what. 'We gotta get those shale boys some more money, that'll fix it.' In order for the King of Debt to remain King, we must create more debt... 69 trillion dollars, with a T, total public and private debt in America is chicken feed:

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