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World Oil Cover; 1997

Visualize this today, a little 'ol stripper well rig drilling a 2,000 ft., 30 BOPD well on the cover of World Oil Magazine. This was back in the day when the entire domestic oil industry in America counted for something, not just unconventional shale oil. Now days that is ALL anybody can write about, yak of in a podcast, or analyze... shale, shale, shale.

Ray Lofton Dudley, the editor of the Gulf Coast Oil News, and then The Oil Weekly Publication, the precursor to World Oil Magazine and Gulf Publishing Company, was a very strong, opinionated editorial writer regarding America's energy policies. In 1921, in response to oil overproduction from new discoveries occurring in California, Oklahoma and Texas, that were all driving the price down to less than 50 cents a barrel, penned this..."the solution to the problem is real simple, quit producing so much of the damn stuff !"

Imagine saying that in today's world.

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