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Here we are, marginal stripper well operators across North America, once again waiting on OPEC to chart the course of our future. Waiting for the hammer to drop.

Truthfully, its not OPEC that has control over world oil prices anymore, its the US shale oil industry and a nutso federal monetary policy that keeps funding it. At least for the moment, until the shale industry drills itself out of work. Then OPEC will have us all by the ying-yang once again.

Talk about being caught in the middle, or feeling like you have no control over your own destiny. For most of us we hope OPEC cuts its production and props the price of oil up; then we all pray the stupid US LTO industry does not drive the price right back down again with fiscal irresponsibility.

If you are a stripper well operator in America this is what it feels like being at the bottom of the oil food chain:

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