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This is a short video used in the presentation, THE HISTORY OF OIL WELL FIREFIGHTING AND BLOWOUT CONTROL. From 2001 to 2008 I must have given this presentation to 10,000 people or more, from San Diego to Bismarck, Four Lauderdale to Houston. Once in Perth, Western Australia. It was a visual trip thru the history of well control, starting in or around 1913 to current time, and was entirely dedicated to Myron Kinley, Pat Patton, Tex Thornton, Red Adair, Boots Hansen, Coots Matthews and Joe Bowden.

During this presentation I often shared stories that Coots Matthews told me; if the presentation was in the evening, after dinner, and we all had a few drinks, my stories got much better and a whole lot funnier. I showed numerous videos like this one above, including film from the mid 1920's, all on big screens, the music turned up. We laughed and some cried; on more than one occasion the presentation received standing ovations. It was good fun for me, very humbling, and a way to give back to men that I had great admiration for, had occasion to work with, men who were my heroes.

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