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Rio Grande Embayment

Look! This man's hand looks like a structure map of the Texas Gulf Coast Basin to about 200 mile offshore. You can see the Frio to Vicksburg Fault System in the Rio Grande Embayment and salt features pookin' out of the Eocene to Miocene transition along the coastline. This is awesome. I am pretty sure that is the Shelf Margin I see with lots of Edwards wells along it and I see the San Marcos Arch as things roll over into the East Texas Basin. The blood blister is Dallas, just for reference sake, and that big ugly vein is the Mid Continent Rift as it wanders thru Iowa and Missouri. Look closely and you can see the Central Platform of the Permian and gazillions of unprofitable Wolfcamp laterals on both sides. In the Tampico Basin of Mexico, sort of where the famous Golden Lane was, bottom left, that's a big ugly blister from shoveling all day.

Cool! One more scotch and I might find a place to drill a well!


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