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On Deadly Ground; 1994

This is oil well firefighter, Forrest Taft (Steven Segal), in the 1994 movie, On Deadly Ground.

Forrest Taft, not to be confused with Forrest Gump, has just flown in to a burning drilling rig in Alaska in a helicopter with fire stickers on the doors and upon his arrival, anxious men and women cheer his presence. He has come to tame the wild beast destroying the Alaskan environment.

Forrest waves at the crowd then walks up under the rig floor in tennis shoes, to place a charge of dangerous dynamite around the BOP stack. He has a few terse words with the well owner, Michael Caine, and then pushes the button on his hand-held detonator, above. The well fire is extinguished immediately. He then leaves in his helicopter to kick-box his way around the rest of Alaska uncovering other horrible environmental atrocities on it and its native people.

A well known and respected well control engineer from Houston was actually hired by the producers of this movie to offer technical advise on the blowout scene, flew to Alaska, saw the entire thing was so freaking stupid he quit and flew back to Houston within a few days.

This was Steven Segal's first, and last, attempt at directing a film.

Siskel and Ebert named this film one the top 10 worse films in 1994. At OSB we think it might be the worse oily movie EVER made and recommend that if you bump it on Netflix, or whatever it is people search for movies, skip over it and go straight to Gilligan's Island reruns instead. You'll be more entertained, promise. Gilligan was a way better actor than Segal.

The movie, On Deadly Ground lost big bucks, received no acclaim whatsoever and it was not long after its release that Steven Segal got as fat as a double-wide mobile home on the eastside of Waco and moved to Russia to become a communist.

He even got to be pretty good buds with 'ol Vladimir. Segal is reported to have given Putin kick boxing lessons until Stevie got so fat he couldn't step over a bowl of borsch. Sources say Segal once spent two days in a Kremlin infirmary after Putin head-butted him in the stomach during a sparring session.

This movie is so bad I really don't have much more to say about it, sorry.

When Steven Segal moved from California to Russia it occurs to me the average per capita intelligence quotient of the population in both places increased significantly.

At OSB we give this movie a big single digit up... but that particular digit would not be a thumb.


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