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North Dakota; Winter

I guess they have to heat wash down water in the Bakken, to keep it in liquid phase, but once it starts running through the floor and down across the BOP stack, no matter how hot it use to be, it freezes instantly creating an really weird looking substructure environoment that I can assure you, I will NEVER experience. No sir. You may call me a weenie, a wuss, a sissie, whatever you wish. But I ain't goin.' No.

Hell, in my neck of the woods we had 127 straight days of plus 100 F days. On some limestone locations I consulted this summer it was 122 F.

I am forever ruined. I can't stand it when it gets below 50 this winter. Shit. Its 35 F this morning, at 011:00 and I'll kiss your ass if I am even going outside.

Those hands up there in cold land are some tough sumbitches.

Egg on a sidewalk in North Dakota, frozen solid, above. You couldn't drive a nail thru this egg

Left, Texas egg on a sidewalk, over medium and at least edible, as long as you can get to it before the fire ants do.


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