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Big Wind, Little Wind

This bad ass looking thing was built by Hungry, using Russian jet engines mounted on a Russian tank; it was air lifted into Kuwait in 1991 to "revolutionize" 85 years of oil well firefighting and extinguish 489 out of 746 wells on fire, post Desert Storm.

The Hungarian plan was to hook up 3000 GPM pumps to supply water to the front of the tank, drive up to a well and blow the damn thing out with these two, massive jet engines, one after another...piece of cake.

It worked three times unassisted, as I recall, and only under precise, pre-arranged circumstances where the well was selectively chosen and you could almost put out your hard hat over it to kill it. The story on one well blowing pretty hard was they had to get so close to the well head most of the front of the tank got cooked, or seared. For their limited success the Hungarians howled at the moon, got lots of MSM press and gave credit for their invention to the Russians, who had apparently tried to do the same thing back in the 1960's and also failed. Myron must have been chuckling in his grave.

Below is the FIRST known effort at this sort of thing, in Santa Fe Springs in California, 1929. It worked like a keeping hands cool (er) while working on a fire and maybe some smoke out of their faces. It wobbled so badly they finally had to quit for fear of shucking a propeller blade off and decapitating somebody standing nearby.


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