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Gulf of Paria; 2018

Lots of these damn things in the Gulf of Paria; old abandoned wells in the Orinoco River Delta, hundreds of them, posing a threat to navigation, all them with casing and, clearly, shut in methods, rusting away. This one sprang a leak in 2018.

So, how in the hell do you fix THIS well ?

Piece of cake. If you can get to it, its fixable. In this case a simple matter of tying into the rotted well head to pump it dead, then, I hope, plug the damn thing.

If you ever want to know what Ordaz and Pedernales, Venezuela look like, and the great Orinoco River and Delta, watch the 1971 movie, Murphy's War starring Peter O'Toole. Its an awesome movie about a fella determined to single handedly destroy a Nazi submarine, filmed up river from Pedernales.

Further up river, in the Orinoco's many tributaries, are big Peacock bass. Beautiful colors, will take a big streamer on a 10 weight, but to catch them on top water, bait casting gear is a blast. Determined fighters they are. If they are hooked and quit they'll get obliterated by Piranha. Once you hook up with one its a good idea to horse him in so when you release him he still has the strength to flee his predators.

Never saw a penis penetrating Candiru in the Okavango River basin; didn't particularly wanna.

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