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Basil Clemons (1887-1964)

Breckenridge, Texas; 1927 and the height of the oil boom. On a Saturday afternoon and when it's time to go to town, all the kids want to go too. In this case it meant people-dad had to ride horse-mama because there was not enough room in the car for people and horse kids. As long as all the younguns in the car were properly potty trained, no problem.

Watering the horse, Breckenridge, 1926

Basil Clemons was born in Alabama in 1897, one of 17 children to the same mum and dad. Basil moved to California when he was 16 and learned to use a camera. He became a famous America, photographer during the Great Depression and won many awards for his work. Some of his best work was of the Texas oil booms in the 1920's near Breckenridge, Ranger and Desdemona.

A great deal of Basil Clemons photographs can be found at the University of Texas at Arlington's Digital Library

Walking home from school, Breckenridge, 1926


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