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All Around Burkburnett; 1918

J. Locke, 1918; Courtesy SMU, DeGoyler Library

Burkburnett, Texas, 1919, looking north toward the Red River and Oklahoma.

Someone I once knew, and watched become very horseful in his youth, is set to unspool yet another sequel to his famous Yellowstone series of television fame, called the Four Sixes. I've driven past the Four Sixes, and driven, and driven; it is wild, open prairie that only my beloved Texas can make, and be so proud of. The 6666 Ranch is legendary in Texas and was owned by Burk Burnett.

The 1918 cartoon of Burkburnett could apply today to any small town anywhere in the Permian Basin, no one would refute that. Same problems, the dollar amounts more, same get-it-while-the-gettin'-is-good frame of mind, only 100 years later.

Humans seem to have a innate desire to self-destruct.


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