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Top Ten Most Needed Counties In America

Small portions of four counties in the Delaware Basin and portions of four major and two minor counites in the Midland Basin, all producing from very bench specific (Upper Wolfcamp, Bone Springs and Spraberry), make up 94% of all Permian Basin HZ tight oil production.

Ninety one percent (91%) of all HZ tight oil wells in the Permian Basin are located in those ten counties.

Those counties are already absolutely stuffed with wells, 30,000, in fact; gas to oil ratios are going up, water to oil ratios are going up and new well productivity in these core areas, drilled by the biggest operators in the entire Basin, is going down.

Remove those handful of counties from the big, vast Permian Basin picture and it only produces 432,514 BOPD of HZ tight oil.

"Experts" say there are anywhere from 55,000 to 140,000 moar HZ tight oil wells to be drilled in core areas of those major producing counties in the Permian Basin over the next 10-20 years and that exporting over 70% of Permian tight oil production to Asia and other places in the world, including China, is good for America.

You decide for yourself if that's true and what the ramifications might be for your children if its not.

Midland County Well Locations, South of Midland, Texas General Land Office

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