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2022 Dumb As a Stuffing Box Rubber Award Nomination

“Consistent, efficient, and effective permitting processes, whether for leases, drilling, or infrastructure such as pipelines, or export applications, will help spur further investment in U.S. oil and gas production,” Exxon’s CEO added.

This is the quote from the guy on the left at the Congressional hearing on high gasoline prices this week. It comes from the CEO of "America's" oil company, none other than...Exxon.

When asked what could be done to spur more activity in America's oilfields, drill more wells and lower the price of oil, this was part of his response.

Why would any Committee member in this hearing, or anybody IN America for that matter, wanting to know why gasoline prices are high and if there is anything to be done about it, want to hear... well, get us some pipelines and "export permits, so we' can send more oil and gas overseas...that should help the American consumer alrighty.

This is an incredible quote and is therefore nominated for the 2022 Dumb as Stuff Box Rubber Award, to be decided in November. Remember, its early yet and there are likely to be much dumber quotes about oil policy in America. At the moment this guy, Joe Biden, Toby Rice and anything the president of the API says about energy independence are all running neck and neck for the 2022 award.


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