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I put this together in 2003 and used film shot mostly on cameras that was then loaded to DVD's and later re-mixed digitally. I also used the old H&P Movie Maker software which was a piece of crap to work with; the quality is not every good, sadly. It showed well on big screens when I gave presentations and folks loved the music.

It stars my buddy, David Thompson, and has men in it like James Tuppen, Wayne Lansford, Joe Carpenter, Martin Kelly and Richard Hatteberg, all of whom I admire greatly. The initial footage of Coots is from a big job in Bay Marchand in 1970 that I am going to write about soon and later in the film is some good footage of Coots stinging into a well in Burgan Field in Kuwait, 1991. James Tuppen was on the big fire in Lost Hills outside of Bakersfield, California in 1998 after Adair's hands bought Boots and Coots, Inc.

The last scene of Sharon McCoy is still a little hard for me to watch and I used it as a lead in to speak briefly of our loss of Martin Kelly, Joe Carpenter and Danny Strong in Syria in 1995

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