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Clarence Iverson No. 1

This is a photo of the Amerada, Clarence Iverson No. 1 well located in Williams County, North Dakota, near Tiago, in or around fall of 1950. In April of 1951, Loffland Drlg. Co. stuck the bit at a depth of 11,751 feet. The drill pipe was cemented in the open hole and was then perforated from 11,630 to 11,660 feet and acidized. The well flowed oil from a Silurian aged dolomite and in July was plugged back and acidized again in a Devonian section (Three Forks/Bakken) that had previously been DST'd. It made 307 BOPD of 55 API condensate and the field was named Beaver Lodge (Devonian). It was the first commercial oil production in North Dakota. The well made something like 17,000 BO in this zone before it was plugged back again to a shallower zone.

And the rest is history, as they say.

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