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I got bumped to first class one time flying from San Antonio to Phoenix to play in a tennis tournament and sat next to Charles Barkley. Man, that guy was a hoot. He also had the biggest damn feet I ever saw, "size 16's," he said; giant Nikes, with his name on the side, Sir Charles. He called his Nike guy when we landed in Phoenix and told the fella I was big time tennis player (pfhtttt!) and I needed some shoes, with my name on 'em. I get a dozen pair of high dollar tennis shoes (size 10.5, not 16) from Nike 10 days later, free, with Mikey on the side of them; no joke! Sorry, I have no idea what that story has to do with anything; I was just thinking about really big feet.

This rig has size 60 inch feet, just big enough to walk it around those nice pretty wooden mats from slot to slot and not get many blisters This is really cool. It beats the snot out of rigging down and rigging back up again. That's a lot of work, man; I'm tellin' 'ya.

In the Middle East they don't rig the damn things down at all, they just load 'em up and haul ass; THATS the way to do THAT:

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