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G. Harvey Art

"A Different Kind of Lease"

Mr. Gerald Harvey Jones (1933-2017) is a Texas treasure. He was born in San Antonio and grew up in the Sisterdale area of the Texas Hill County, about a 40 minute drive from my place. He painted with love in his heart for the American cowboy and with some unknown passion for the old oilfield, the days of iron men and wooden derricks. A lot of his art I believe came from visions he had of the early 1900's, in boom towns of North Texas, like Ranger, and Electra, where automobiles were first making their ugly presence known, but cowhands still clung on to way of life they could not let go of easily. I wish I could have asked him about those visions. Once you see his art you know they were very real, very vivid.

"Roughneck Country"

"Del Rio"

Pencil and watercolor wash

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