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Twenty Four, Seven

America's stripper well operators do it all, from start to finish. We map it, we lease it, we clear the title and file the permits. We build the location, drill it, complete it, nipple it up and put it to the tanks. Legally and within all the rules and regulations. We pay people on time, and in full. We sweat and break blisters. We do it with our own money. And it better all work or our kids don't get to eat. There are no divisions, or departments to rely on, no HR, no HSE, or whatever you call it, no different floors to take the elevator to; its a family thing and we go 24/7 with passion in our hearts, and great pride. We do all that with everyone in the world out to drive us out of business, from OPEC, to the US shale oil industry with its overleveraged oversupply, to the EPA to the federal government always with its hand out demanding more; the battle never ends.

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