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Bolivia, 1994

I carried a 'diary' with me on blowouts and fires when I worked for Boots Hansen and Coots Matthews in the 1990's. My friends, David Thompson, the late, Joe Carpenter and I went on a little job in Bolivia one time in 1994; flew first to La Paz which I recall was over 13,000 feet above sea level and nearly impossible to breathe in, then 1.5 hours to Santa Cruz and finally another 2 hours by fixed wing aircraft somewhere in the Bolivian jungle. The job, a blowing gas well out of dual completion well head, lasted about three days. A piece of cake job and a cool way to see Santa Cruz, which, by the way, is a beautiful city.

In the evenings, after work, we ate and went straight to bed in YPFB's camp; there was only generated electricity for a couple of hours each night. I'd lay in bed and write notes and make little drawings in my diary bout the day's work and what I saw.

These were the boots I wore on that little job in Bolivia:

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