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Fossil Fuel Hypocrites

Times are a changin' and Americans want to move away from fossil fuels as soon as possible. The anti-oil agenda is strong and growing in our country. When polled, most Americans care more about the environment than they do their own financial security and hydrocarbons are a threat to their idea of a healthy environment.

Solar and wind sources of electricity are important to our energy future, as is evolving battery technology and the use of electric vehicles in urban areas. They will make a difference. Indeed they already are making a difference.

But the move totally away from hydrocarbons will be a slow, meticulous one, subject to better technology that will ultimately lower the cost of these alternative energy sources in such a manner as to make them more affordable to our citizenry. Until the transition away from fossil fuels is complete the best bang for our energy buck is still hydrocarbons and America will need its oil, natural gas and coal resources for a very long time.

Don't be a hypocrite and fight against fossil fuels, at the same time use them in every aspect of your every day life. Honestly, you can't live without oil. Someday, hopefully; but not now.

So, hug an oil man, or an oil woman today; tell them how much you appreciate them and to keep up the good work meeting our nations energy needs.

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