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Rasco 2_edited.jpg
Home page and this photo above by Mike Rasco, Big Spring.

I've known Mike for 10 years; he is a graduate engineer from Tech and a smart man, one of the best fishing tool hands I've ever known and remarkable for being so young.
Anybody in the Permian Basin would hire him in a Midland minute. 

He was down and almost plum out in 2015. CBS Morning News called me to do a story on the standstill in the Permian Basin and I introduced them to Mike. The flew to Midland, did a great interview with him that  aired on national TV. 

I gave Mike a job for two weeks so he could take a bunch of money home to his very sick wife and child and they could eat.  He got hired back on eventually and never looked back.  He and his family are doing great, have a nice home, Mike runs cattle that he says this year look like beef jerky on the hoof, and he is trying to get his instrument rating for flying. He works his ass off. He is a good man and I am proud to publish his photographs of work in the Midland Basin. 

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